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Slow cooker recipes are usually a hap-hazard mix of whatever happens to be in the fridge. There's nothing wrong with that, but some things definitely work better in the slow cooker than others. I'll usually fire up the slow cooker / crock pot once a week over winter, and find it's great for soups as well as stews and curries.

Slow-cooked Lamb Pizza with Spinach & Bacon

Slow-cooked Lamb Pizza with Spinach & Bacon - slow cooker recipes I'm a real fan of slow-cooking food. Firstly, the taste is amazing - meat is soft and tender, and really takes on the flavours of what you cook it with. The meat falls off the bone so you don't waste anything, and it's not a hassle to carve. It's generally pretty straightforward to cook, and you can get started in the morning when you are...
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Mushroom and Feta Cannelloni with Slow-cooked Chicken

Mushroom and Feta Cannelloni with Slow-cooked Chicken - slow cooker recipes An original cannelloni recipe which includes slow-cooked chicken in the tomato sauce base. Mushroom and feta cheese are used for the cannelloni stuffing in this recipe. This is an original recipe that isn't complicated, but does take some time to prepare. It's worth it. We take a traditional cannelloni recipe of tomato sauce base, cannelloni...
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