Brain food, fish, in every old culture where fish dishes are more a luxury than staple food.

Home-made Golden Breadcrumbs

Home-made Golden Breadcrumbs - fish This recipe for homemade breadcrumbs isn't rocket science, but it's always bothered me in the past that my breadcrumbs never had that nice fine texture that the commercial ones have. Tonight I set out to solve this little problem. Breadcrumbs are great friends with schnitzel, fish, sweet-n-sour pork, hamburger patties, and plenty else. If you...
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Baked salmon & veges

Baked salmon & veges - fish Easy to prepare and only 15 mins in the oven, this baked salmon recipe is full of flavor, and works well with the crispy carrots and celery included in the recipe. Quick and tasty is the order of the day here, so you can pick up some fresh salmon from the shop after work and have the meal on the table within 30 mins. Ingredients 2 salmon...
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Crumbed fish salad with spinach, feta and salsa

Crumbed fish salad with spinach, feta and salsa - fish An easy pan fried fish recipe which is light and delicious. In the past 3 weeks or so that this blog has been running, I have been making a conscious effort to eat better. In real terms, that means eating more salad and less meat, and cutting out fast food completely from my diet. It's working - I'm almost 5kg (11 pounds) smaller than I was 3...
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Unbelievably Good Salmon Toasties

Unbelievably Good Salmon Toasties - fish This recipe is amazing. It's one that I pull out in one form or another every time I throw a party, and it's always a hit. Everyone who tries this is impressed, and first timers are seen hanging around in the corner that has the salmon toasties in it. I picked this recipe up from one of my wife's relatives, the late Anne Tapper, and have...
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